Data for the people.

Rebel Data Labs is an impact-driven organization dedicated to empowering communities with data.

Open source for good

Build the future

We partner with nonprofits, engineers, organizers and data practitioners to build and maintain open-source data projects and data sets focused on public impact.

skills-based volunteering

Volunteer with local organizations

We match local nonprofits and impact-driven organizations with volunteer data teams to supercharge their missions with data and analysis.


Apply your skills

We host hackathons throughout the year, whose themes are centered around pressing social justice causes.

Live Workshops

Level up your skills

In partnership with Launchpad Analytics, Rebel Data Labs hosts live trainings and workshops for all levels covering how to use modern data tools for public and social impact.

Meet the team

Kelly Hopkins

Kelly Hopkins is the founder and Executive Director if Rebel Data Labs. She started RDL to further her mission of using data and technology to empower vulnerable communities.

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